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2. Payment Solutions:

Proxy Medical may also assist you in the coordination of direct pay from international patients, relatives or friends when the circumstances require it. We help your customers choose from multiple methods of payment: Debit card, credit card and checks. At Proxy Medical we make sure that your international claims get paid.

Credit Card Acceptance: We process debit and credit cards from international patients, relatives or friends anywhere in the world by telephone through a secure online channel and ensure that the funds are deposited into the provider's bank account three days later. Proxy Medical Inc. is a registered transaction processor for MasterCard® and Visa® cards.


Check Acceptance: Patients want payment options so providers need to accept and process checks. We verify checks presented to providers for payment and we make sure they are paid through the warranty service of TeleCheck®. Providers can select either the verification or warranty service. Through this service you will be able to accept checks with confidence and safety.

Check Verification: This service helps providers accelerate the processing and handling of checks and reduce fraud. The check information is analyzed through the risk assessment technology, the check writer negative and activity databases to evaluate the risk of accepting it.

Check Warranty: This service gives you more flexibility and an increased level of protection because we will manage the entire check collection process. If the Risk  Processing Company approves a check that is later returned, you will be paid out up to the check warranty maximum if all the warranty requirements have been met during the process.

*To verify or guarantee the service, the checks must be from financial institutions in the United States or Canada.

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